When Is It the Right Time To Rebrand?

It could be time for a rebrand, but maybe you’re unsure whether you’re ready to commit. Below are three top tips to help you decide whether it’s time to take the plunge towards reinventing your business and that all-important brand story.

Your brand name no longer reflects your brand vision

We all know the most crucial part of the business is telling your story. Your brand is at the forefront of every touchpoint and interaction you have with your customers. Your brand should be unique, and your customers should remember you, so when the brand is dragging down your business, it’s time to give us a call. But how do I know? I hear you ask. Simply put, if you are embarrassed to hand out your business card or give a customer your website, that’s your true tell it’s time for a change.

You’re failing to stand out

It’s tough out there in the world of business, and competitive advantage is crucial. It helps to be a cut above the rest when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competitors. It’s essential that your brand is simple but eye-catching to make your audience stop and take your business seriously, just as it deserves. Branding should help you stand out from the crowd; you know what they say, “if you want to be outstanding, you have to get away from the crowd.”

You’ve moved or expanded

A move or an expansion could be an excellent excuse for that rebrand you so desperately need. As things expand or change, why can’t your branding change as well? Just remember that a new area will require in-depth customer research so that you can uncover the audience’s wants and needs in your new territory. Not every location receives branding the same. Just think… would a sheep farmer in Southland look at your brand the same as a clothes designer in Auckland? Probably not, so if applicable, ensure your brand is transparent to your target market across the board.

Is it time for a refresh? Then we would love to help you set yourself apart from the crowd.