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Our website maintenance service ensures websites are secure and performing optimally.

WordPress websites are not set and forget systems. Once websites are made live, they require ongoing maintenance and frequent updates. We offer a regular maintenance package ensuring your website is fully up to date, performing optimally and has not developed vulnerabilities in its security.

Like any other software, WordPress is constantly being updated. Each new release can add new features, improve the current platform or fix any bugs that may exist. It is important these updates are made to keep up to date with the latest version as this not only future-proofs your website but ensures it continues to remain secure and fully functional.

We currently offer the following maintenance options for those websites hosted by AMD and these are built around our website hosting packages:

$55 + GST (per month) website hosting & monthly updates

Your website will receive monthly website updates, ensuing it is current with any upgrades, updates and security. As website hosting packages are paid in advance, you will essentially be pre-paying your monthly website maintenance which will be scheduled to occur at the same time each month. This package provides piece of mind that all website maintenance is getting taken care of for you on a regular basis.

$35 + GST (per month) website hosting

This hosting package does not include monthly website updates. This means any updates will occur sporadically and generally at your direction. However, if we have not heard from you we will make contact every now and again to suggest it may be time to consider a website update. Any subsequent instruction from you to undertake a website update will be billed at an hourly rate.

For those websites that are not hosted with AMD, any time spent performing website maintenance will also be billed at an hourly rate.

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