Website Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance solution, ensures websites are secure and performing optimally.

WordPress websites are not set and forget systems. Once websites are made live, they require ongoing maintenance and frequent updates. We offer a hosting + maintenance package ensuring your website is fully up to date, performing optimally and has not developed vulnerabilities in its security.

After successfully crafting more than 100 websites in the last decade, we’ve observed that the majority of issues stem from websites gradually falling behind the times. When websites are neglected and allowed to age, they become susceptible to security vulnerabilities, sluggish performance, and a diminished ability to fulfill their intended objectives.

Like any other software, WordPress is constantly being updated. Each new release can add new features, improve the current platform or fix any bugs that may exist. It is important these updates are made to keep up to date with the latest version as this not only future-proofs your website but ensures it continues to remain secure and fully functional.

We’ve introduced a cutting-edge hosting and maintenance package tailored to keep your website consistently swift, secure, up-to-date, and, above all, proficient at accomplishing your desired goals.

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